Build your own backdrop stand.

Here's a simple (and cheap) plan for a backdrop stand.
You'll need 3 pieces of 1" PVC pipe 10' long, 2 tees and 2 90 degree elbows.

Cut the pieces to length with a hacksaw or similar. The plan shows the sides at 7' tall. This is a pretty good length to use when your subjects are standing. Adjust the top piece (width) to your desired length or to fit your backdrop + a couple inches.

You'll also need 2 - 1" 90's (upright to crossmember) and 2 1" - tees (bottom of upright - connect to base pieces)
You probably won't even need to glue them (you probably don't even want to so the pieces can be disassembled and stored). If you do decide to glue, don't glue the top cross piece so at least that can be taken apart for storage. The scrap pieces from cutting the 7' side uprights can be used in the tee at the base of the two side pieces.



Get 3 spring clamps with a throat big enough to go around the pipe and use them to secure your backdrop material to the top crossmember.

An additional thought is to put a 90 degree elbow on the end of the feet and a short piece of pipe to fasten a spring clamp light to for uplighting the subject from behind and also to light the backdrop.

Certainly not the heaviest backdrop stand but plenty good enough to set up in the living room and easy to store once disassembled !