Super Simple Red Eye Removal

'Red Eye' is a condition in photography where we see flash reflected off of the back of the inside of the eye. Nobody likes to see their subject with 'Demon Eyes'. Here's a Super Simple method to remove red eye using Photoshop.

Here's Lucas, my grandson. Such an angel, no way does he deserve the demon eyes my harsh flash has given him!

With your image opened in Photoshop, choose the Sponge tool. You can find it under the drop-out with the Dodge tool.


Set the sponge tool to 'Desaturate' in the drop down menu that appears. Set the brush size to match the size of the pupil in your image.
With the flow control set to between 50 and 100, click on the pupil as many times as it takes to 'get the red out'. The higher the flow control, the less clicks it takes. Repeat the procedure for the other eye.

That's my boy! What a difference a few seconds in Photoshop makes.