Who's your model?

Meet Hedda. She's a cosmetology head model with a wig. I knew I would be doing a lot of test shots for this site and convincing anyone to constantly '....come and sit down, let me shoot a flash at you for a couple hours' would be shear torture.

Ebay is a great resource for manniken (mannequin) models of all types. Hedda cost me around 20.00 with the wig. She has an opening under her neck that fits a standard microphone stand just right. By using a mic stand, you can position her in front of your backdrop at head height and move her around easily.



The hair and head area of your portrature is the hardest to cut out. The body is relatively simple. This makes Hedda perfect for practive. You can also tape or zip tie a hanger to the mic stand to put a shirt on if you would like for a bit more realistic practice.

Do a search on ebay for manniken , mannequin , pivot point head , cosmetology head and wigs.

Mic stands are probably best purchased at a local music store (some may have them at 10.00 or less) because they are fairly heavy with their weighted bases and shipping would probably be more than the stand itself.

........oh, and Hedda doesn't have any high modeling fees!

Just warn your spouse that there's a head coming in a box from ebay BEFORE they open it.........!